Site Regulations

  • All campers strictly to book in at reception before pitching
  • All quiet by 11pm
  • No loud music at any time
  • Speed limit of *5 mph* to be strictly adhered to.
  • Cyclists to proceed with caution.
  • Children must not play in the vicinity of the water and chemical disposal points or the toilet block.
  • No congregating around the toilet blocks.
  • Visitors are welcome but no more than 2 at a time per pitch.  All visitors must report to reception on arrival and be off site by 9pm.
  • No fires except BBQs / Fire Pits / Fire Bowls – which must be raised from the ground and must not be used in close proximity to the entrance to the tent.
  • No gathering of wood on the site or in the local area. Wood is available from the reception.
  • In the interests of safety, BBQs should be sited well away from the entrance to tents.
  • On no account should spent BBQs be taken inside tents or caravans, as the residual fumes can still be threatening to life.
  • Fires should not be left unattended in any circumstance.
  • Well behaved dogs welcome – but on a lead at all times.  Any fouling must be picked up immediately and disposed of.  A designated bin is available on site.

Any person contravening the regulations may be asked to leave the site.

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